Beauty for Ashes Essential Oils and More was birthed in 2019 when the owner LaTisha Guise had lost her job that she was dedicated to for 6 years.  It was a devastating time as she had just lost her father to pancreatic cancer and was left to care for he two special needs siblings and a mother who had just been diagnosed with dementia. LaTisha had always enjoyed mixing and matching different scents together to create a burst of aroma to any room or to share as a gift for others. One day while sitting in her bedroom burning one of her oils, the Lord reminded her of the story in the bible( 2 Kings 4:1-7)  of the widow woman who had lost her husband and her income and was about to lose her sons to pay off debts that was left to her. When the prophet Elisha asked her how could help her and what did she have in her home that was of value. Her response was " I have a little oil" Immediately, LaTisha saw a vision of her hand mixing and sharing her oils with other.  LaTisha decided to envelope the concept  of  ' God will give you Beauty for your Ashes" turn you mourning into dancing, and to  fill as many vessels as she could and as long as she is Pouring the Oil will Never stop Flowing!!! Enjoy these handcrafted oils and more in any room!!